True Detective and personal branding

September 18, 2014

True Detective and personal branding

If you haven’t seen the new series “True Detective” yet, I strongly encourage you to watch the first season. I did last week and was immediately addicted. Not only because the intro is really, really artistic. It is mostly because the series feels more like a 70s movie: less action and more character development.

Now, I haven’t seen the entire season yet… but what I do know is that I care for the main characters, two Louisiana state police homicide detectives (excellent portrayals by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey), because they are awkward and full of flaws. Human some would say.

And we, business owners and entrepreneurs, are like detectives, knowing how we can serve the community best in our specific capacities. We are also flawed, awkward at times and aware of our shortcomings. What True Detectives shows us is how important personal branding is to success.

[Tiny spoiler alert] We like Detective Hart and Detective Cohle because we see their daily struggle of overcoming challenges like losing their family. We love their dedication towards solving the case and doing what is necessary. We may not understand their actions or even disagree with some of them, yet respect their knowledge and experience.

And we root for the detectives because we recognize ourselves in them.

Entrepreneurs that succeed are able to set themselves apart and create a strong personal brand. Their environment is recognizing their experience and passion and the barriers they had to overcome. These entrepreneurs have earned the respect of their community because they served them relentlessly.

And we root for further entrepreneurial success because we recognize their struggle as our own struggle.

You can create a strong personal brand too. Share your success and share your struggles. Show compassion and relentless pursuit. Show character development. Be who you are (imperfect and passionate) and we will root for you.

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Lisette Andreyko

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