The Sales Standard

August 1, 2014

Sales Standard titlepage

The Sales Standard is part of Kaleidoscope’s resource series for start-ups. The series starts with the free 12-Step Entrepreneurial Checklist with a complete overview of all four stages. All twelve steps are a separate resource that you can download.

The Sales Standard

The resource starts clarifying where marketing ends and where a sale is taking over. It explains the importance of relationship building and how to get started. A big part of the resource is focused on helping you create an appropriate sales funnel that helps people self-selecting as your buyer.

And of course The Sales Standard covers what a sales plan needs to entail: strategies and tactics, including pricing, advertising and more. A basic template is shared that start-ups can use to kick-off their sales.

And psst… Lisette will even share with you some tips on navigating negotiations and how to deal with objections.


Lisette Andreyko

Lisette is the founder of Kaleidoscope and is passionate about start-up leadership, personal growth and women in business (and psst.. about tea!). She enjoys connecting with small businesses through her network. You can find her on LinkedIn.