The Pink Portfolio: You + Mentor = Clarity + Success

April 30, 2015

Kaleidoscope's Founder, Lisette Andreyko

What is mentorship is and how does it contribute to entrepreneurial success?

At The Pink Portfolio event, Lisette Andreyko will share how good mentors ask the right questions. But what does that mean? By sharing experiences mentors offers entrepreneurs new insights, empowering them to take informed decisions. Overwhelmed business owners and entrepreneurs ready for growth will enjoy this session that explains what they can expect from a good mentor and how to select their personal mentor.

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Lisette Andreyko is the founder of Kaleidoscope where small businesses receive peer mentoring and practical advice on running a small business. When she’s not mentoring, she is cooking, reading with a good cuppa tea or traveling.


Lisette Andreyko

Lisette is the founder of Kaleidoscope and is passionate about start-up leadership, personal growth and women in business (and psst.. about tea!). She enjoys connecting with small businesses through her network. You can find her on LinkedIn.