How to set up a social media campaign

May 27, 2014


Want to set up a Facebook campaign? Before you create any campaigns, it is key to understand “where you’re at” in terms of social media marketing. The guest speaker today is Doina Oncel, and she will share tips on creating a social media audit. Based on this outcome, you will understand what social media campaign can benefit you, including Facebook.

Her first tip to the group is that Facebook is a source for micro-blogging as a visual platform.

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Doina founded Doina’s Infinite Solutions in 2011 because she saw the vast impact an online presence can bring to a company. Soon, her networking skills and ambition landed her exposure on Quicksprout, Amex Open Forum, and Huffington Post. She regularly speaks about social media on radio shows and spoke at the 140 Conference in Montreal in 2012.

About Strategic Focus for StartUps: Group members provide peer support, sound advice, best practices and networking opportunities to make you more focused. Past meetups covered monthly goal setting, social media tips, contract law, evaluation, tech tools, time management, customer service, sales techniques, tax information, and more.

A couple of pictures taken during the event:


Lisette Andreyko

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