Sales Skills for Entrepreneurs

January 22, 2015

Profile Picture Patti Pokorchak

Without sales, you have no business being in business, so knowing how to sell is essential for any entrepreneur. Join Small Business Coach, Patti Pokorchak, as she deconstructs her successful sales techniques so that anyone can sell more – faster and easier than ever. Learn the one crucial thing that all great entrepreneurs must master in order to succeed…. and it doesn’t hurt at all!

Event details

Date: January 22, 2015 6:30PM – 8:00PM
Location: Toronto Public Library Agincourt, Program Room, 155 Bonis Avenu, Toronto
Price: free
More information: Toronto Public Library
Registration required (please see staff or phone 416-396-8950).

Space is limited.

Patti Pokorchak is an award winning marketing and sales executive, with 30+ years of experience at IBM, Siemens, and many startup companies. Self-employed since 1992, she helped start and run a 7 figure software company for 10 years, before opening a thriving garden centre and destination hobby farm.

Patti was not a born salesperson – she was a trained programmer, after dropping her quest to be an accountant – all great geeky careers. While at IBM, even after a gruelling two week residential sales course, she was still a nervous shy introverted sales person.

Patti eventually overcame her shyness and loves to sell and has deconstructed her sales strategies to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses sell more effectively, with more skill and confidence.


Lisette Andreyko

Lisette is the founder of Kaleidoscope and is passionate about start-up leadership, personal growth and women in business (and psst.. about tea!). She enjoys connecting with small businesses through her network. You can find her on LinkedIn.