Do you really need a full time office?

June 17, 2014


The Future of Work for Small Businesses

As mobile technology advances, the way we work is advancing as well. We no longer look to the office or cubicle as our business “home”. It is no longer the only place with internet in which we can both work and have meetings in. We can meet online and get wi-fi in virtually any building in the city. Essentially, the office is not something that is necessary for a small business to thrive. Why keep you and your employees confined in an office all day when you can be working from home? Why pollute the environment and spend hours upon hours in your car to go to a place that is not letting you work to your fullest potential?

Offices are changing. There will be fewer fixed offices in the future. This means how we connect with people will be more important than ever because it won’t happen as often. As a small business you can drastically reduce your monthly costs by paying for meeting spaces only when you need them. And for each one you get to choose the type of space, the ideal neighbourhood and tailor your space to create the perfect setting the meeting you are having.

This is how we operate at This Space Works. By keeping our environment fresh, we keep the creativity flowing. Our team works from home. Some of us in our home office, others prefer a local coffee shop. Maybe even a park bench. We choose a place that keeps us inspired and focused on the task at hand. Once a week we rent a This Space Works space and get together for the day. We share our ideas, check in on projects and collaborate on new initiatives. In between meeting days we stay connected by email or video. In a nutshell, we are always in touch.

When we meet with clients we bring the meeting to them.  We pick a space that is close to their place of work.  They appreciate the convenience and the opportunity to get out of their office. Of all the meetings they’ve had today which one will they remember? Ours. It was different. It was interesting. “Wow, I didn’t even know this place existed and I work right down the road!”
Got a great office space and don’t want to give it up? You can still try something new. Take your team to a remote location now and then to boost their creativity! Have a meeting in a beautiful, impressive space. Inspire.

While you’re out of the office, invite someone else to use yours. Share your fabulous space. Not only will you make some extra revenue, these business professionals will discover your business and your brand. Your network just got bigger.



Lise Snelgrove

Lise has worked in leadership roles in the telecommunications sector for over 12 years. Her start-up, This Space Works, is founded early 2014 on the belief that the world of work is changing, people want to connect and be inspired. She has experienced first hand how mobility is changing the way we live, the way we work and the way we connect.