March Tune-up

March 4, 2015

March Tune-up

I often dread holidays. All the prep work needed to leave sometimes makes the break not worth it. Getting my filing done, invoicing, laundry, cleaning the house, packing – I almost need a holiday from planning for a holiday.

Over time I have learnt to embrace these breaks and take advantage of them – and you should too. We all need a break and March is a perfect time for it.

Your break needn’t be going on a fancy holiday. Sometimes taking the morning or afternoon off is all that is needed to recharge your batteries. Put time aside to work on your business – and yourself.

Breaks are important for our soul, energy level and motivation. Winter, especially this year, has been cold…okay, let’s be honest, so far the winter has been #*&^% freezing! I don’t know about you, but all I’ve wanted to do is anything that will keep me warm – which includes finding excuses to not go out!

March is a time when the weather gets a bit milder (I’m an optimist remember!), so you need to enjoy the last few weeks of being able to snow shoe, ski, skate or do something that you can’t do in the summertime.

Use your break to plan for the remaining few months before summer, when many businesses start to slow down. This is your last chance to take stock and ramp up your business. Take a break, plan well, smell the roses and then come April 1 – you are ready to tackle the next three months.

Ask yourself:

  1. How is my marketing plan looking? Do I need to change anything? Do a quick SWOT (look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and see where things lie.
  2. Am I still on target to achieving my goals? How are my numbers looking? Look at your numbers and compare them to your goals.
  3. How is my desk looking – neat and tidy, disorganized, stressful? Take action and clean it up! File what needs to be filed and toss in file 13 what is not needed.
  4. Is my invoicing up to date? Who do I owe money to and who owes me money? Invoice it and get paid so that you can pay your bills and pay for a vacation.
  5. What networking events can I attend in the next three months that will help build my business? Do some ‘googling’ to see what opportunities are available that are relevant to your business.
  6. Are my website and social media links up to date? Keep them current and tweak them if necessary.
  7. Do I need to make any strategic lunch or coffee dates, to plant seeds for the fall? Sometimes a lunch or coffee date can be a break – so treat yourself to one or two with people you connect with.
  8. Personal development plans. Think about what personal goals you want to achieve for the next three months. Give yourself some time to daydream.

Taking a break every now and again is critical for re-energizing your business. Look at your business from the outside in.

Enjoy this time to reflect, recharge and re-evaluate – and remember, do the break your way. It doesn’t always have to be a vacation – a ‘staycation’ can sometimes be just as relaxing and productive.

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Debbi Arnold

Debbi Arnold has been coaching small business owners for over a decade. With a strong marketing and business background, she believes in keeping things simple and relevant to your customer, business and product. Her coaching style is honest, direct and in sync with your values, personality and goals. At DA Coaching & Consulting, you and Debbi build a plan together, so that you are motivated and inspired to achieve your goals.