Lisette Andreyko

Kaleidoscope's Founder, Lisette Andreyko

Lisette offers a safe space to her mentees to be themselves, with all their questions, doubts, passion and excitement. During in-person sessions, she focuses on practical advice while looking at underlying reasons and causes for current behaviour and anxieties.

With her background in strategy, information management and core operations, she quickly grasps where mentees are stuck and offers tools to move forward.

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What keeps Lisette ticking is the entrepreneurial passion. The passion to starting something anew that is totally you while giving back to the community as much as her own passion for tea and traveling.

Lisette can also be contacted to be your guest speaker discussing the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. She shares her insights how she used her passion to make changes in her career and her lifestyle, helping audiences learn to remember their passion. And more importantly, practical advice on how they can make a living from their passion. Download the speaker kit for information about her popular topics.