Kaleidoscope in the News

February 6, 2014


This week, I am sharing a different kind of blog post with you. TOinitiative.ca interviewed me recently and we spoke not only about Kaleidoscope Consulting but also about what quote I live by (I have two!) and what my day looks like. Here is the direct link to the article.

And just in case you wanted to know how to get started as an entrepreneur – here’s my answer to the question what the biggest obstacle was I had to overcome.

“The biggest obstacle was myself. I was convinced I had no business network to speak of and was uncomfortable with promoting myself. These are hurdles the majority of start-ups face. Best plan of attack? Just get started!

Don’t over think your perfect pitch and whom you should connect with. Just go out and have one key sentence about what you do or plan to do. You’ll see your network and elevator pitch develop into what you represent. And this makes you much more relaxed about personal promotion.

The most important thing is to be consistent. Going to the same events at regular intervals gives people the chance to remember you. When they do, the conversations you’ll have go further than your introduction, and this is when you start receiving referrals and new connections.”

Make a great week!



Lisette Andreyko

Lisette is the founder of Kaleidoscope and is passionate about start-up leadership, personal growth and women in business (and psst.. about tea!). She enjoys connecting with small businesses through her network. You can find her on LinkedIn.