If you cannot sell your stuff, don’t expect others to

May 20, 2015

If you cannot sell your stuff, don’t expect others to

When you are contemplating hiring someone to deal with sales, ask yourself the following question:

“How do you plan to train this employee/partner/contractor on selling your services or products when you don’t know the secret ingredient that makes you sell like a rock star?”

The sales talk ingredients are selling what you do, what value you provide and why people buy from you.

Sales flavours

Sales people generally come in 3 flavours:

  1. Sales Pioneers are self-motivated and know what the value of the product/service is
  2. Sales Hunters work within the guidance framework you provide and hunt for new clients that fit within these parameters
  3. Sales Farmers are less aggressive and maintain existing customer relationships

Naturally, you want a sales pioneer or a sales hunter – but they’re rare and sought-after, making them expensive.

How to find out why your customers buy from you

Take a selection of your customers (or all if you don’t have many) out for coffee and ask them these basic questions to learn about your sales:

  1. Why did you buy from me?
  2. What value did I deliver to you?
  3. What results have you had through working with me?
  4. Can I quote you on this?
  5. Do you know anyone else who needs my stuff?

From these questions, derive your customer profile; this helps you getting started and staying focused on finding prospective clients and pitching them. When your sales grow, it may finally be time to hire someone to take over your sales hunt. Be careful when hiring, it’s tough to hire for a sales position. Trust me, I’ve had to hire and fire a few times.

Happy selling, you are of service to others; informing them and helping them decide to buy your valued service/product.

Image credit: by Nathan Stephens, via flickr.com.


Patti Pokorchak

Patti Pokorchak was NOT a born salesperson and even after a grueling two-week sales course at IBM, she was still a nervous shy introverted sales person. Now, Patti LOVES to sell and has deconstructed her million dollar sales secrets to help other entrepreneurs sell effectively with more skill and confidence, asking for way more money and having lots more fun! Patti’s website is smallbizsalescoach.ca and you can follow her on @SmallBizSalesCo.