How to write amazing blog titles

September 9, 2014

How to write amazing blog titles

Titles are one of the most important components of blog posts. A blog title is the first thing people see of your post, and it can make or break a potential connection between you and your customer. An impactful blog header speaks to your audience and makes them want to click on your link.

To see what headings work or don’t work, you can do the test yourself by browsing news sites. Pay attention to which titles you want to click on and why. What words or phrases draw you in? You’ll find that the titles that hooked you in were probably ones that promised you something. Maybe they promised you better health, more money or a better relationship. Or maybe they promised you knowledge about something that might change your view of that thing such as “Top 10 Scary Elevator Facts” or “7 Reasons Not to Sleep in.”

Some killer titles hook you by promising to reveal something such as “The Real Truth About Coffee” or “10 Lies We Tell Our Spouses.” These titles make you curious as to what information they have that might be of use to you. Tricks of the trade titles guarantee expert advice on a topic of interest such as “Here’s a Quick Way to Sharpen a Knife” or “10 Expert Painter Tips.”

The best or worst titles are very popular especially concerning topics related to lifestyle or culture. A couple of examples are “Sexiest Beaches in the World” or “The Top 10 Worst Dance Moves.”

Writing impactful titles attracts your target audience to your website, and means that, once there, they might also check out your About or Products pages. After you post, track whether visits spiked shortly after, as this will give you a better idea of what interests your customers.

Here are the top seven things to remember when crafting a blog title:

1) Tell the truth. You want to create a hook, yet remember that there’s nothing more annoying than clicking on a headline and discovering it has nothing to do with the article. Instead of creating trust, dishonest headlines can cause mistrust in your reader.

2) Be aware of how certain words and phrases rank on Google and use them over others.

3) See what’s trending. This doesn’t mean adding in your title something about Lady Gaga just because she’s been in the news, yet if you follow what’s happening that week or month, and you can somehow relate it to your business, then you’ll stand a better chance of attracting readers.

4) Make a promise. People will be more apt to read your article if the payback seems high for them. As an example, I wouldn’t care about reading an article that began “Why I love taglines,” yet I would definitely click on one that read, “10 incredible ways to create your tagline.”

5) Be clear. If you’re selling pencils, then don’t beat around the bush. Say you’re selling pencils! People appreciate clarity.

6) Use numbers in your title. Research shows that numbers attract people and make them want to read the post.

7) Keep it short and sweet. People aren’t attracted to long titles and so won’t click on them. Try not to go over seven words, and finally, don’t use long, obscure words that people might not know.


Lissa M. Cowan

Lissa helps her clients tell authentic brand stories that spark curiosity and engage ideal audiences. For over 12 years she has worked as a communications expert specializing in online content, communications planning and social media strategy. She believes that a great story attracts ideal audiences and creates success for clients. You can find her on LinkedIn and follow her tweets via @lissamcowan.