How to Sound Confident: 3 Simple Public Speaking Tips

February 6, 2015

How to sound confident: 3 simple public speaking tips

74% of adults suffer from speech anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That means that most people aren’t comfortable speaking in front of a large audience or in front of a group of strangers.

As small business owners, what’s an easy way to stand out from your competitors and win new clients? It’s simple: improve your public speaking skills! But do you feel that you need to sound more confident when you speak? Just follow these 3 simple tips and you’ll improve your public speaking instantly!

1. Avoid verbal vomit

If you stammer over your words a lot, it tends to distract your audience.

  • Do you want to sound credible?
  • Do you want to sound convincing?
  • Do you want to avoid distracting your listeners?

Then here’s a simple but effective technique to help you avoid verbal vomit: Pause and think before you speak.

Let your words sit inside your head before they come out of your mouth. Be mindful of what you say, before you say it. You’ll decrease your chances of suffering verbal vomit, and you’ll increase your ability to speak with confidence.

2. Avoid uptalk

If every word or every sentence ends on a rising tone, it always sounds like you’re asking a question! Obviously it depends on the industry you’re in, but are you sending the right message to your prospects, investors, and employees if you talk like a Valley girl?

If you want to sound credible, convincing, and confident, you need to avoid uptalk.

3. Avoid being fake

Be authentic. Speak the way you would normally speak with your family and friends at a restaurant, a bar, or in your home. Your audience can probably tell if you try to sound like someone you’re not, or if you’re not genuinely interested. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your audience. You’ll sound much more engaging, relaxed, and confident!

If you avoid verbal vomit, uptalk, and sounding fake, you’ll instantly stand out from the crowd! That alone will make a huge difference for most entrepreneurs, no matter what business you’re in.

Do you want to become better at public speaking? Practise these 3 techniques. Now get out there and speak with confidence!


Ron Tsang

Ron Tsang helps entrepreneurs give compelling presentations to clients, employees, and investors. He has empowered his clients to understand and master critical areas of public speaking since 2004. Ron has an MBA from the University of Toronto and an HBA from the University of Waterloo. Find him on Level Up Workshops and folllow @rhtsang.