How successful entrepreneurs defeat stress

February 24, 2015

How successful entrepreneurs defeat stress

Entrepreneurship is filled with lonely days, long hours, and uncertainty. Stress can affect productivity, efficiency and your personal health. Here are 5 principles successful entrepreneurs use to defeat stress.

They are intimate with the process, not the outcome

There is always a process to everything, whether you are trying to lose weight, build a business or run a marathon. Successful entrepreneurs don’t get fixated on a certain outcome. They learn to pay more attention to the process and they let the outcomes take care of themselves. You cannot guarantee results no matter how smart your goals are. The only thing you can influence is the process. Resist the impulse to attach yourself to outcomes. Enjoy the process and the results will come at the right time.

They accept that they are not perfect

You are not perfect. Your start-up is not perfect. Your products or services will never live up to your unrealistic expectations. Successful entrepreneurs are not driven by the need to be perfect, but to become better at what they do. As a result they allow themselves to make mistakes and learn from them. Strive for excellence and let life surprise you. Don’t waste valuable time trying to perfect your product or services. Get your product out to the market and let the market tell you what to do next. Even if you fail, there is always a possibility of another try.

They are not too self-focused

As entrepreneurs, we are always judging our ideas, our actions, and ourselves. While moderate self-reflection is good and healthy, being too self-focused can be bad. When we are always focused on ourselves, we end up getting caught in mistakes of the past which increases stress and anxiety. Instead, develop an interest in other people. Learn to build meaningful relationships with people who might not have direct relevance to your business. Don’t become the centre of your own world – make your world bigger.

They reach out to others and get another perspective

When we analyze situations, our minds tend to be unbalanced and lop-sided. Our minds have a habit to focus more on the immediate negatives ignoring the larger picture. This creates unnecessary stress and leads to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to reach out to others and get another perspective. This will help balance your approach to situations and reduce your stress. Often others have been in your shoes and have valuable answers and empathy.

They eat well, exercise more, and get enough sleep

Eating the right amounts of foods at the right time is good for your mental and emotional health. Successful entrepreneurs know that a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly will help improve your mood and energy levels.

If you are always feeling stressed, it might be a sign that your approach to situations and circumstances needs to change. The above 5 principles maybe just what you need to make sure that your entrepreneurial journey is much more healthy, productive and highly effective.

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Tawanda Chirenda

Tawanda is convinced that to overcome entrepreneurship anxiety and build a business that inspires and prospers is by being authentic. In 2011, he launched Becoming a Willing Student and remains focused on helping first-time and early-stage entrepreneurs overcome anxiety, build their authenticity and take their businesses to new heights. Tawanda’s twitter handle is @WillingStudent.