How do you find a Maxi-You Coach?

June 18, 2015

How do you find a Maxi-You Coach?

There are three kinds of coaches in my opinion: certified coaches, Mini-Me’s and Maxi-You’s.

  1. Certified Coaches

A certified coach is not automatically a great coach for entrepreneurs. If the coach always worked in a corporate environment and started only its coaching business – what would they know about starting a retail business or helping an entrepreneur grow to 50 employees?

Nothing beats actual experience. It’s not something you can learn in a book. Whereas a certified coach can give you the edge when it comes down to life or career coaching, a different set of experiences and expertise, a business coach can help you when they’ve run a similar business.

  1. Mini-Me Coaches

These lure you into a free or low-cost workshop and then sell hard from the stage, trying to have you signup immediately for a special offer after threatening or badgering you to follow their proven system. One friend panicked after the follow-up call about the get-rich-quick formula and another was publically embarrassed. I’ve been insulted. That’s not selling – that’s being a bully.

I don’t deny the formula worked for them, however I don’t see it working for others with the same success rate. Always ask for successes, and make sure the testimonials are from past clients, not current ones in the honeymoon phase.

  1. Maxi-You Coaches

Maxi-You coaches take their knowledge and experience to make you the best version of who you want to be. Entrepreneurs tend to be independent and stubborn. That’s why we don’t like having a boss to report to, it goes against the entrepreneurial grain. A Maxi-You Coach does not have a special formula; instead, each coaching session is totally personalized to that individual.

My not-so-secret sauce to success:

  • Find a gap in the market where your skills or products are needed
  • Identify the ideal target market with the biggest need as they are the easiest to sell to
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Never ever, ever, give up – except when it’s time to try something else
  • Never stop selling! No Sales = No Business!

Let me know your viewpoints on these three kinds of coaches in the comments below. What has your experience with coaching been like?

** Please note that this blog post is my opinion, based on what I’ve observed and been told by others. I’ve picked up several unhappy clients of other coaches, where they have had no success but spent a lot of money.

I credit the brilliant David Newman of Do It! Marketing with the terms “Mini-Me and Maxi-You”.

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Patti Pokorchak

Patti Pokorchak was NOT a born salesperson and even after a grueling two-week sales course at IBM, she was still a nervous shy introverted sales person. Now, Patti LOVES to sell and has deconstructed her million dollar sales secrets to help other entrepreneurs sell effectively with more skill and confidence, asking for way more money and having lots more fun! Patti’s website is and you can follow her on @SmallBizSalesCo.