Get those things DONE!!

May 5, 2015

Get those things DONE!!

I’m a list person. There, I said it – out loud! I’m a planner, like to be organized and make lists. I probably make too many lists – so many in fact, that I’m considering indexing them so that I can find them all.

I’m a list person because otherwise NOTHING would get done – and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, zero, zadda. I tried a full week without a list and I did nothing, except stare at my calendar and wonder what I should do.

When I plan what I’m going to do each week, I’m so productive that I feel like a machine – and even start to panic about finding extra things to do.

With summer around the corner (for real), you should enjoy it and have a goal of working a little less (unless your business is based on making the majority of your income in the summer months, like a landscaper) if possible. However, nothing is for nothing – so to get that little reward of sitting on a patio with the sun shining on your cup of tea (I know for most of you, it’d be something with a more golden tinge), you may need to do some work and get things off your To Do list and prevent creating a Not Done list.

To get into the mood for tackling those pesky things, here are some starters:

  1. Print out your calendar on a Friday afternoon.
  2. Take out your coloured markers or highlighters and circle all your meetings – colour-code them for personal, work, etc. – this makes the exercise a little bit more fun.
  3. At the top of the page, write down everything you need to do that week (yes, I mean hand write – the keyboard needs a break too sometimes).
  4. Now take everything that you need to do for the week and find slots for it each day. Write down in each gap on each day, what you’ll specifically do. Even if it’s just making a phone call – make time for it – allocate and assign it.
  5. As you proceed through each item during the week, cross it off.
  6. At the end of each day – congratulate yourself on how many things you’re getting done!

Half the battle of running your own business is doing what you say you’re going to do – whether it’s for yourself or someone else, it doesn’t matter – you want to get done what needs to get done, so that you have more time to enjoy chilling on the patio!

Good luck and let me know how your patio-ing goes!

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Debbi Arnold

Debbi Arnold has been coaching small business owners for over a decade. With a strong marketing and business background, she believes in keeping things simple and relevant to your customer, business and product. Her coaching style is honest, direct and in sync with your values, personality and goals. At DA Coaching & Consulting, you and Debbi build a plan together, so that you are motivated and inspired to achieve your goals.