Feeling stuck in your business?

February 25, 2015

Feeling stuck in your business?

Check your decision making process.

The success of your business will (in part) depend on your ability to solve problems and make decisions. Luckily, there are people like me; providing decision-making help when you are feeling stuck. This help to make decisions is not centered on giving advice but empowerment to make great choices.

The Sumptu Decision Making Process has six steps that help you find clarity, organize your thoughts and discover the best option for you. Through research and experience, I know that a good decision making process can take you from feeling stressed out and stuck to feeling relaxed and confident.

All decisions start with a question. In many cases, reframing the question can give you new perspective on your situation and help you get unstuck.

Let’s imagine the demand for your business is rapidly growing and you ask yourself the following question:

Should I hire a new employee? – That question frames your decision to have two options: Yes or No.

Alternatively, ask yourself:

What is the best way for my business to handle the growing demand? This new question gives you the freedom to consider a lot more options – including but not limited to, hiring a new employee.

This small example illustrates that the question you ask yourself can limit how you think about your decision. This is often referred to as your decision frame. How you frame your decision can significantly impact your final choice because it influences how you look at your problem and what options you consider.

Tips to help you frame your decision question correctly:

1)    Don’t be lazy

The first question that comes to mind is not always the best one. Consciously pay attention to the questions you are asking yourself (both in and out of your business) – taking a little time to reflect on your question up front can pay off big time in the end.

2)    Watch your scope

The great thing about being the decision maker is that you get to set the scope. Personally, the broader the question I ask myself, the better.  For others, increasing the scope of their decisions can be overwhelming and intimidating. Make sure that you find a scope that is not overwhelming or framed too narrow prematurely eliminating great options.

Decision framing is just step one of the Sumptu Decision Making Process, if you are looking for more decision tips – just let me know, I am happy to help!

Image credit: Chris & Karen Highland, via flickr.com.


Ada Barlatt

Ada Y. Barlatt, PhD is a Life Engineer and Founder of Sumptu. Sumptu is a six step decision making process. If you are worrying about a decision, Sumptu is for you! Using her ‘engineering meets personal development approach’ Ada empowers you to find clarity and move forward. Follow Ada on Twitter, @ada_barlatt.