5 Ways to impress your audience

March 3, 2015

5 Ways to impress your audience

There’s something to be said for lifting people’s spirits and giving them hope. Even if you have a serious issue to convey to your target audience related to your business, it’s important that they don’t feel disempowered by its weight, and that they understand you will provide them with a solution. To give an example, say you’ve developed an app for people with diabetes. You want your audience to know that diabetes is a complex condition and that individuals with the disease must closely monitor their blood sugar and be vigilant about their diet and exercise. You want them to understand that an app such as yours designed for managing diabetes can save a lot of time and energy.

Here are five ways to impress your audience so that you engage them on an emotional level and they connect to your product or service. Because, after all, that’s when they are more likely to sign on and buy what you’re offering.

1. Begin by discovering what fires up your audience.

What are their passions, hopes and fears? What makes them dance in the streets or take to the streets? Write down three or four topics or themes of genuine interest and concern to them. The more specific you are, the sharper and more effective your message.

2. Narrative is a living organism that grows through thoughtful attention.

Once you establish what’s important to your audience, craft a story that is personal to you and your business, yet that you know will also resonate with your market.

3. Ask yourself if your story has magic in it.

Stories without magic don’t travel very far. What’s magic? It’s an idea, product or service that sparks creativity and imagination in the receiver, engaging them emotionally.

4. Telling an authentic story about your business.

An authentic story is a creative exchange that liberates the receiver because the meaning for the story comes from them, not from outside. Otherwise it’s just boring marketing speak. Ask yourself how your audience can ‘sign on’ to your story in this way. What ingredients need to be present in your narrative for that to happen?

5. How can you get your audience to listen and to buy?

Audiences want to be impressed but they also want the opportunity to show what they know. Give them a chance to do this by inviting them to share their own stories, to entertain you also with their insights and experiences, and to be part of the expanding conversation. Once a story takes hold, give them still more opportunities to engage, see the story grow. That way they can witness what you’ve created but also what your community –comprised of them and others like them– has helped bring into being.

We’d love to hear how you are telling stories about your business. How do you impress your audiences to bring about success for yourself and others?


Lissa M. Cowan

Lissa helps her clients tell authentic brand stories that spark curiosity and engage ideal audiences. For over 12 years she has worked as a communications expert specializing in online content, communications planning and social media strategy. She believes that a great story attracts ideal audiences and creates success for clients. You can find her on LinkedIn and follow her tweets via @lissamcowan.