12 Popular small business blogs of 2014

December 30, 2014

12 Popular small business blogs of 2014

Tis the end of the year when we are all, fondly or with surprise, reflect on the past year.

Here are Kaleidoscope’s most popular blog articles, month by month and varying from business topics to personal topics.


Small business partnerships – Part 1January: Small business partnerships – Part 1

Small businesses have much to gain from strong, creative and long-term partnerships. This article aims to helps to decide if a partnership is valuable and what comes in play when it is.

What is mentoring and is it for you?February: What is mentoring and is it for you?

In a nutshell, mentoring provides a judgment-free space to discuss uncertainties and offer Socratic questioning. This appeals to new business owners who are in the process of changing hats: putting down their employee hat and trying on the right entrepreneurial hat!

Doubt can be good!March: Doubt can be good!

Do you ever doubt yourself? Of course you do! Building your organization from the ground up comes with concerns, questions and fear. I have six recommendations, based on my experience and advice from others, on how you can turn doubt into useful business information.

Experiencing the entrepreneurial rollercoasterApril: Experiencing the entrepreneurial rollercoaster

Becoming an entrepreneur is a roller coaster. My first time co-hosting a twitter chat, and a big one at that, was exactly like that roller coaster. The Power of Connection chat that Bobby hosts every week on Monday at 11am EST covers topics related to leadership, relationships and development.

Anti-SpamMay: Going from opt-out to opt-in: CASL part 1

Did you know Canada is one of the worst countries in terms of spam? Jonathan MacKenzie, lawyer at Aluvion Law, was the excellent presenter on the topic “Understanding CASL: the new anti-spam law” for Strategic Focus for StartUps two days ago.

Niche market and how you go about itJune: Niche market and how you go about it

This week, I want to share with you the importance of understanding your niche market(s) and how you go about it. A niche market is where you lay your focus, where you gain intimate knowledge and where you can potentially get a large piece of the market pie.

Write an impactful About web page and increase your leadsJuly: Write an impactful About web page and increase your leads

Entrepreneurs often underestimate creating content for a website. Probably the most important page of all—apart from the landing page of course—is the About page.

Break-even analysis: a financial tool to make profitAugust: Break-even analysis: a financial tool to make profit

So you have the great idea that you feel passionately about – but can it make you a profit? A break-even analysis will help you determine what your sales need to be as to earn a profit.

Marketing Campaign ConnectionsSeptember: Marketing Campaigns – The Small Business Competitive Edge

Small businesses can leverage their agility, quick decision-making, personal branding and niche marketing to position themselves with affordable innovative campaigns.

5 Attributes to make you great at what you doOctober: 5 Attributes to make you great at what you do

We all want to succeed. While there are many factors that determine if you succeed in your business and life, these 5 attributes are essential.

Everyone is a leaderNovember: Everyone is a Leader

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the Coaches Training Institute Summit in Napa, California where a new leadership model was unveiled. Called “Co-Active Dimensional Leadership”, it takes a powerful stance for a new definition of leadership: Leaders are those that are responsible for their world.

Get Focused to Survive the Holiday SeasonDecember: Get focused to survive the holiday season

Staying focused is the struggle of almost every entrepreneur I know, including myself. As a result, I’ve had to develop systems that force me to stay on task.


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