When you start a new business, there are many things to juggle: your finances, marketing, finding clients, etc. It’s tough to keep focused – on your core products and your core clientele. Which opportunities should you pursue?

A mentor can help you gain and keep focus because they went through the same learning curve you are going through right now. With this focus and clarity, you become more confident and seek out opportunities that carve out your target market.

Is mentoring for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you a new entrepreneur struggling to meet competing priorities? Not sure how to grow your business? Are you willing to spend time with another entrepreneur to figure this stuff out? Then contact Lisette to start mentoring now and get success!

What is mentoring?

A Mentor asks guiding questions to help you process knowledge and feelings, coming to your own conclusions. You gain practical advice and perspective that is based on years of experience. Lisette uses motivating and coaching skills to define gaps in knowledge and “mirroring” to encourage personal development. To the heart of this is Socratic questioning to help you think more systematic instead of fragmented and offer a bird’s eye view.

What are the benefits of clarity?

Without clarity you make muddled and short-term decisions or worse, you become indecisive. This is why you end up with clients you don’t really want and who hold you back, stopping your creative growth and earning potential. With clarity you seek out your target market, become a better communicator and are confident about your value, increasing your sales. To guide you in your journey to success, Kaleidoscope is a hub of articles and downloadable resources.

You define success

Mentors do not tell you what success is, only you know what that is: making a (difficult) decision on how to move forward with your business. That decision can be related to lifestyle, your goals and timeline, strategy, personal growth and any other business element.


Andrea Kotekar, Graphic & Web Designer

Lisette is a very gifted mentor. Working with Lisette has been an immensely constructive and positive experience. As a result of her mentorship I have gained confidence, experienced less stress, increased productivity, and have more solid direction and focus.

Doina Oncel, CEO/Founder hEr VOLUTION

I am very impressed with Lisette’s skills of mapping out ideas and thought process, an absolute asset to any start-up. I highly recommend her to any organization that needs guidance around a plan of action and long-term strategic focus. Thank you Lisette for your commitment and valuable assistance; your skills are irreplaceable and your help has been priceless.

Jamie Graves, Country Director VSO Mozambique

I recommend Lisette without reservation. She is highly organized and finds creative solutions to seemingly complex problems. Her natural abilities to share and communicate, as well as her professional ability to research, analyze, present, train and mentor, make her a very credible and valued consultant.

Anonymous, Fitness Professional

Lisette was attentive and she carefully listened to my worries about my start-up business. She tailored the sessions to the specific questions that I had and her advice helped me regain perspective, alleviate fears and enhance motivation to persist.